Our MLS Bid

Sacramento is leading the pack for an MLS bid. No other city has accomplished as much as Sacramento – our plan already exceeds all expansion requirements – and MLS is taking notice.

The stadium’s downtown location puts all of Sacramento’s sports teams – Republic FC, Sacramento Kings and Sacramento Rivercats – in the heart of a downtown core.

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We have committed ownership that includes local and national leaders who are well-versed in the world of professional sports. Mr. Burkle is an exceptional leader and businessman, a champion sports owner, a dedicated philanthropist, and someone with a deep appreciation for Sacramento. He is the ideal person to lead the next chapter of our club. Along with his co-investor, Matt Alvarez and a strong local ownership group led by Kevin Nagle – who stepped up for this club when it was needed most – no city is better prepared for MLS than Sacramento.

Sacramento loves soccer. There are more than 130,000 youth and adult soccer players in our region. Northern California has the most youth soccer participants per capita in the entire country. Not only do we play, but we watch. Sacramento has finished in the top ten and as high as the top three consistently for World Cup TV ratings, English and Spanish speaking households. No wonder Republic FC fans are the best and most passionate in the entire country.

Sacramento’s path to MLS has never been more clear. We are focused on delivering the MLS team our fans and this community deserves.


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