There is a soul and swagger being experienced in Sacramento that has not been seen since the founding of the river city. As a region rooted in both innovation and agriculture, Sacramento is not just celebrating its place as the location where California started, but also literally planting its flag as a destination for business, future workforces, and oh – amazing beer, wine and food.

The region has once again embraced its indomitable spirit and instead of moving rivers it is now its own movement. Sacramento is a place to live, work and play in which its diversity, spectacular surroundings and thriving downtown is not just embodied as a way of life, but also is embedded in the lives of those that live here. We are a Republic and Sacramento is our home.

Here’s what the experts say…

#1 Happiest Workers in Mid-sized Cities
#1 City for Coffee Lovers
#2 Forbes Happiest Places to Work
#4 Cities for Parks
#4 Prosperity Index
#5 US City Craft Beer Consumption
#7 Forbes Happiest Cities for Young Profs #9 Highest IT
#16 Best Cities for Millennials

The Most Diverse City In the U.S.

  • Named “Most Diverse City” by Time Magazine
  • 21-28% of residents identify as Latino
  • 49% of population under 35 years of age

A Destination and Home for a Thriving Workforce

  • 11 Museums | 45+ Craft Breweries | 148+ Downtown Restaurants/Pubs | 24+ Weekly Farmers Markets
  • Top 25 Growth Cities for the Future of Millennial America ( )
  • 150,000+ students at local colleges and universities
  • Top relocation target for Bay Area millennials
  • Fifth fastest private sector job growth rate among top 25 U.S. metros (2012)
  • $1.3B in new development planned or under construction in downtown core 10,000 housing units in downtown core by 2020
  • #1 in U.S. for diversity in STEM-related employment
  • World leader in agribusiness with $7.1B economic impact on region

Our Fans Watch and Play

Record Youth Participation in Sacramento

  • Equal to Oregon’s population with double the participation
  • 130,000 youth and adult registered players
  • 9 current MLS players are from Sacramento region; over 27 have played in MLS

Record TV Ratings in Sacramento

  • #3 in US for TV ratings for 2015 World Cup USA v Germany match
  • Top 10 in ratings for last three World Cups (2006, 2010, 2014)
  • Ranked as high as #6 for Hispanic markets

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