What is a Membership?

Membership grants you exclusive access, flexibility, and discounts at SRFC based on your ticket package preference. Packages range from the entire season to smaller match plans.

Why should I place a deposit today?

Placing a deposit reserves your spot in line to select SRFC Memberships in the inaugural MLS season and at Papa Murphy’s Park in the USL. The sooner you place a deposit, the sooner you will have access to select available seats.

What if I am a current Season Member?

  • Do I still have to put down a deposit?

    • No, you are all set and your Membership is your spot in line. A service representative will be in touch shortly on next steps in the process.
  • Will I get priority over other new Members?

    • Yes, you will have priority over all other SRFC Members that joined after your start date. Priority will be based on tenure as a Member as well as having premium hospitality at Papa Murphy’s Park, amongst other factors.
  • How many seats will I get access to?

    • The same number of seats you currently have at Papa Murphy’s Park.
  • What changes if I am a VIP Member in Papa Murphy’s Park?

    • Owning Premium seating at Papa Murphy’s Park grants you access to Premium seating availability at the new MLS Stadium. A service representative will be in touch shortly on next steps. 

What is the cost of a Membership Deposit?

$50 per seat for general seating, or $100 per seat for premium seating (Club, Field, or Suite Level).

How many deposits do I need to purchase?

Each deposit grants access to purchase one seat at Papa Murphy’s Park or our future MLS stadium – for example, if you would want (4) seats at the MLS stadium, you will need to purchase (4) deposits.

Will the deposit act as a credit towards my Membership?

Yes – your deposit will be credited to your account and applied directly to your Membership after selecting a seat location.

Is deposit refundable?

Yes, all deposits are refundable.  There is no risk to stake your place in line and commit now for the best priority to reserve your MLS seating.

What is the process to select my seats in the new MLS stadium?

  • If you are an existing USL Member, you are already at the front of the line! Your service representative will be in touch shortly to walk you through the process.
  • If you are interested in becoming a Member, place a deposit to reserve your place in line. An SRFC sales consultant will be in touch shortly after you place your deposit.

When can I pick my seats?  What are the next steps?

Each premium and general seating area will have a dedicated window to select the best available seats.  Priority will be given to existing USL Members followed by MLS depositors.  Place your deposit now to have the highest priority and an SRFC sales consultant will be in touch shortly to walk you through next steps.

What seats are available?

There will be a variety of options ranging from premium suites, loge boxes, club seating and general seating in a variety of package options such as season tickets and smaller game plans.  Place your deposit now and an SRFC sales consultant will contact you to walk you through the process including all future seating options.

Will there be a payment plan?

Yes, there will be a variety of payment plans available.  The most important step in the process is to place your deposit now if you haven’t already.

What is priority and how is it determined?

Priority to select seats at the new MLS stadium is based on your timestamped spot in line that was established by becoming a current Member or placing a deposit.  There are three tiers of MLS priority:

  • Tier 1: USL Members – current Members at Papa Murphy’s Park
  • Tier 2: MLS Depositors – remaining seat locations are made available to MLS deposit holders
  • Tier 3: Free MLS Insider List – join the free insider list to stay up to date on SRFC and MLS

How can I increase my priority?

To skip the deposit line and achieve the highest level of MLS priority, you must be a USL Member in 2020.  As seniority and tenure as a Member is factored in, becoming a Member now is the best way to increase priority.  For all current deposit holders, this will apply to you as well.  To become a Member now, learn more about 2020 ticket packages ranging from a full season to partial season plans.

How many seats can I buy at the new stadium?

In order to buy seats at the new MLS stadium, you must be an existing Member or a MLS deposit holder.  Current Season Members have access to purchase an equal number of seats that they currently have at Papa Murphy’s Park at the new MLS Stadium.  Depositors can select up to the same number of seats as deposits they have placed.

What if I want to engage with club as a corporate partner or suite holder etc.?

Limited opportunities remain to become a USL corporate partner or premium Member at Papa Murphy’s Park.  This will allow you the highest priority to become a partner or premium Member at the new MLS stadium.  To inquire about becoming a partner or premium Member, email [email protected]

Are brokers or 3rd party resellers allowed to purchase tickets?

At this stage we are only allowing those who are using the tickets for business or personal use – not buying for primary purpose of resale. All 3rd party sellers are encouraged to email [email protected] to express interest.


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