Official Club Statement – 8/14/19

We are in daily discussions with Major League Soccer as we finalize the agreement to bring an expansion club to Sacramento. We are deeply appreciative of the ongoing efforts of Commissioner Garber, his MLS colleagues and owners, the Republic FC investor group and Mayor Darrell Steinberg, as we work in unison to get the deal done for our city and our incredibly patient fanbase.


‘There is no rush.’ MLS holds key meeting, but Sacramento expansion bid still not finalized

By Tony Bizyak, The Sacramento Bee

Three months ago, upbeat Major League Soccer officials announced they were entering formal negotiations with a private investor group representing Sacramento in hopes of signing a deal as early as July to bring the capital city into the league.

That date has arrived, but no deal is signed, MLS Commissioner Don Garber said Wednesday, offering his first formal update since April.

Garber said he isn’t concerned the deal will fall through, and emphasized MLS and the Sacramento investment group continue talks on an almost daily basis. Mayor Darrell Steinberg is involved as well, Garber said.

Speaking at the league’s annual all-star game gathering here, Garber said it requires a huge investment of a half-billion dollars or more to enter the league.

“There are no hiccups,” Garber said. “These are lifetime decisions for an investor to make. These are massive commitments. It takes time.”

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Official Club Statement on MLS All-Star Week

We congratulate MLS on another banner All-Star week and a record season to date.  Our efforts remain on track and we are continuing to work on a daily basis with the Commissioner and his colleagues to finalize an agreement to bring MLS to Sacramento.  We are excited about what lies ahead for our region and look forward to sharing more updates in the near future.

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Garber defends pace of MLS expansion reveals

By Jeff Carlisle, ESPN

ORLANDO – MLS commissioner Don Garber told ESPN FC “it’s not remotely alarming” to him that that expansion deals for the cities of St. Louis and Sacramento haven’t been finalized.

Following an MLS Board of Governors meeting back in April, the league authorized Garber to advance into exclusive discussions with St. Louis and Sacramento with an eye towards those two cities being the 28th and 29th teams. Garber said at the time that he hoped to have the deals finalized by Wednesday’s MLS All-Star Game.

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Sacramento’s MLS dream may soon be reality. Here’s what we know about the stadium so far

By Michael McGough and Benjy Engel

Major League Soccer in Sacramento seems to be a few formalities away from becoming a reality following Thursday’s announcement the league would expand to 30 teams.

It’s good news for Republic FC fans: with three teams being added to the league, Commissioner Don Garber said after Thursday’s Board of Governor meeting frontrunners Sacramento and St. Louis are the only two cities approved to enter formal expansion discussions.

The discussions will involve Sacramento formally presenting the league with its stadium plans and proving that it has the necessary fan base and corporate support to hoist the city from the minors to the major league.

If all goes according to plan, Republic FC could compete in MLS by 2021 or 2022.

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St. Louis, Sacramento set to make their case for MLS expansion

By Simon Borg,

The MLS Board of Governors, the gathering of the league’s ownership group that takes place three times a year, has given the green light for league officials to begin “exclusive, formal discussions” with ownership groups in Sacramento and St. Louis for the chance to become clubs No. 28 and No. 29 in MLS.

“The decision to grant those teams has not been made, but they are both pretty far along,” MLS Commissioner Don Garber told media at a press gathering following the Board of Governors meeting in L.A. “There’s work that needs to be done in both markets.

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What’s next for Sacramento Republic FC? Here’s what the team president says

Major League Soccer wasn’t expected to make news Thursday. The league was planning to add one expansion team and two cities, Sacramento and St. Louis, were in the running.

Then everything changed. The league decided to authorize three more teams at its Board of Governors meeting in Beverly Hills, and announced it was entering formal talks with Sacramento and St. Louis for two of them.

With a billionaire owner and a new soccer stadium ready to be built, Sacramento Republic FC sits on the precipice of becoming the area’s second major sports team. Team President Ben Gumpert held court with the media Thursday to talk about how far the club has come and where it’s going.

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Sacramento, St. Louis Among Leading Candidates After MLS Announces Expansion to 30 Teams

By Brian Strauss

MLS set its expansion target at 28 teams, saw a bunch of interested investors in more than a dozen cities run a race to be among those selected and then concluded, why stop there?

So 30 it is. For now.

Following the league’s board of governors meeting Thursday afternoon in Los Angeles, MLS announced its commitment to expand to 30 clubs “in the coming years.” There currently are 24 teams, with another three coming aboard soon: Inter Miami and Nashville SC next year and Austin FC in 2021.

The two heavy favorites for slots No. 28 and 29 are Sacramento Republic, which has been vying for a spot since entering the USL in 2014, and St. Louis.

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MLS to expand to 30 teams; St. Louis, Sacramento to make formal bids

By Jeff Carlisle

LOS ANGELES — MLS intends to expand to 30 teams, with teams 28 and 29 requiring an expansion fee of $200 million, commissioner Don Garber announced Thursday following a Board of Governors meeting.

Garber said the board had authorized his office to advance into exclusive discussions with St. Louis and Sacramento with an eye toward those two cities being the 28th and 29th teams.

MLS currently has 24 teams and has already confirmed expansion teams in Austin, Miami and Nashville to join the league in the coming years.

“In the last 10 years we’ve been experiencing unprecedented growth for a major league in North America,” Garber said. “Expansion has been a key driver of that growth, and it really is a great measure of the enormous enthusiasm and the commitment that our fans have in markets both new and old to support our league and our players and to see the sport grow.”

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