Official Club Statement – February 26, 2021

We understand the feelings of anger, disappointment and frustration – we share in those deeply. Today’s announcement is not a reflection of the fans, Sacramento or this club. Republic FC will continue to serve and support this community, true to its mission. As an organization, we will always represent Sacramento with pride.

“After working for many years to bring an MLS team to Sacramento, the League continues to believe it can be a great MLS market.”

— Major League Soccer (Full Statement)

“We will still bring MLS to Sacramento, and we will work with the league to find a new lead investor…. We have an approved stadium plan and an approved plan to build and pay for infrastructure. We also have the best fan base in the country – one that has shown time and time again that it can support an MLS team.”

— Mayor Darrell Steinberg (Full Statement)

“My partners and I are committed as ever to bring MLS to Sacramento, which this city and fans deserve. When one door closes, another opens.”

— Kevin Nagle (Full Statement)

There is much more information to come about how we will continue our MLS journey. What we do know unequivocally is we have a season ahead just around the corner, three trophies to win, and a community to represent to the world.