Railyards Stadium Will Anchor Development Essential to Sacramento’s Future

The new Railyards Stadium is much more than a home for game day drums, songs that echo through the city, and the best home turf advantage in MLS. Beyond the walls of the city’s new coliseum, a flurry of new construction and development will transform the City’s first innovation district into a turn of the century home for the next era in Sacramento’s story.

While the boys in Old Glory Red will be playing under the lights of a multi-million dollar soccer-specific stadium, vibrant life will be a constant in the areas around the stadium as the new venue will certainly be a major destination at the Railyards development, it won’t be the only family-friend activity center for residents of the Indomitable City to enjoy as the Railyards will soon be a must-see destination in California’s Capital City.

The Railyards-area of the city has always been teeming with life, and SRFC’s new stadium will be the future urban entertainment epicenter on a location that always been the heart of Sacramento’s past. Dating back nearly a century, The Railyards were the city’s biggest employer – where one-third of the city worked. And now the buildings and site that once connected a nation, will once again come to life, connect another part of the city with neighboring downtown.

Restaurants, bars, shops, hotels, housing a modern transportation hub and a new hospital – not to mention parks, a museum, and the unmatched experience at Railyards Stadium. Sacramento’s next story will happen in a new, vibrant district for all to enjoy.

The Railyards will be home to a buzzing hive of innovative ideas and concepts in the 5-million square feet of office space and cultural centers in the form of museums and parks. Work and social gathering aside, citizens of California’s Capital can call the Railyards home in the residential housing available in the highly sought-after desirable destination. Just imagine, walking from work to an outdoor event at Railyards Stadium throughout the year.

The historic facade that tells the story of the city’s past will still be a crucial focal point of Sacramento’s skyline. The overall design of the development is focused on connecting the city’s future to its past while blending the unique features that make Sacramento such a special place to work, play and live. The transportation hub will also physically connect the city and draw families to a year-round urban entertainment footprint that spans 140 acres.

Republic FC fans have a lot to look forward to when it comes to watching the squad compete in the top domestic soccer league in the new stadium but the area will be more than just a haven for soccer fans on match day. The Railyards will be an all day entertainment and lifestyle experience that offer housing, public spaces, food and entertainment that all lead up to an unparalleled experience in the new downtown venue. It’s not just a space for fans attending the game, but a space for all of Sacramento to visit and discover their own little slice of heaven in a district that provides a wealth of history about the Indomitable City.

From the outdoor courtyards and cafes that can be utilized all year to the weekend farmers markets hours before a gameday, the Railyards will once again be a hotbed for downtown gathering with the Indomitable Club’s new stadium being the crown jewel of the highly anticipated urban development.

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