The Supporters’ Plaza: Where the heartbeat begins

The energy of a Republic FC game day can’t be contained by the walls of any venue when the boys in Old Glory Red take to the pitch. Especially when supporters groups take to the stands, forming a red titan behind the Indomitable Club. The Railyards Stadium is guaranteed to be loud with its 360-degree roof, and the most passionate fans in sports joining together in the four “neighborhoods” that make up the seating bowl. The North End Supporters Section will create the heartbeat of the match with constant singing spilling out into Sacramento air, the boom of the bass drum, and the banners and flags fanning on the infectious spirit to every fan in sight.

But that energy doesn’t start when the Republic faithful fill into the stadium.  It will build steam and energy in the Supporters Plaza just outside of the North End Stands. It will become a home for fans to rally, begin to gather, march as one, and so much more. This will be where the drums come to life, where the chanters grab a friend and bring them along, and where the party begins on match day.

The open-air plaza will be home to food, fanfare, fun and games, and of course beer. “We want game days to be a full experience where people come early to celebrate and stay late to celebrate,” Republic FC President and COO Ben Gumpert said.

All of the club’s fans are welcome to check out the game day excitement. Fans who explore the Supporters’ Plaza may not necessarily be there to be part of the massive before the match that creates the soundtrack for 90 minutes of action – but they may return as family after becoming intertwined with the thrilling experience. Match to match and day to day, the Supporters’ Plaza will breathe life into the stadium with different events, activations and experiences.

With direct access to the North End stands, an exclusive beer hall behind the Supporters Stands, and the tunnel that leads up to the fringe of the pitch – the ultimate reminder that your voice, your support, your passion for the game are what makes Republic FC different – the Supporters’ Plaza is a great place to start your match day.

Start planning your matchday routine, including the Supporters Plaza, by placing a deposit for tickets for the club’s inaugural season in Major League Soccer.